Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits
Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits

Youngs Premium American Boxed 30-40 Pint Beer Kits


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Each Youngs American  comes with its own Hop Additions, Yeast, sugar, priming sugar and malt extract so only water needed. Ready to drink in 21-28 days.

American Amber Ale: Perfect soft malt character with a rounded mouth feel, enhanced and held together with floral hop character with pungent tones of pine resin, and subtle earth undertones. 5.4% ABV.

American India Pale Ale: Great balance between malt and hops, very fruity with great overtones of pine needles, with slight herbal character with a full and lingering dry bitter flavour. 6.5% ABV. 

American 'New World Belgian Saison' Ale : Youngs Premium Ale Kit - American 'New World Saison' Ale NWS. A golden high strength saison with New Zealand hops.  Saisons as a beer style have always tended to be a style that fosters experimentation, especially in the US. This beer combines a traditional Belgian yeast that has accentuated spicy, peppery and fruity estery yet dry character with the best of New Zealand hops and American hopping techniques. 6.3% ABV.

American Oaked Rum Ale: Barrel aged beers have become increasingly popular in the craft beer fraternity and with beer aficionados the world over. Beer aged or served from wood is not a recent phenomenon by any means; beer was kept in wooden casks and vats until the advent of first aluminium and then stainless steel casks. The big difference between that and the barrel ageing technique is the use of barrels from another drinks industry to add different character to a type of beer; sherry, bourbon, scotch, rum, wine and other barrels have all been used to great effect. Part of the art of barrel ageing is creating beer that has both the character of the barrel and the character of the original beer. Youngs have melded together the character of a strong American ale, heavily toasted oak barrel, and rum, to create a triumphantly aromatic and complex beer that suits contemplative drinking, studying the myriad overlaid flavours and aromas.The beer pours a deep ruby red with a lovely creamy fluffy head. Oak and deep toffee caramel dominate the aroma of this beer, there are hints of rum that promise further delights. On the palate this beer has a complex array of flavours; all at once it is malty, has a strong vanilla and oak character, and has a subtle sweet rum character that overarches the beer and makes it altogether delicious. 6.5% ABV.

American Pale Ale - 40 Pints: Beautiful sweet malty flavours backed up with a vibrant hop character, bursting with intense and juicy nectarines, perfectly balanced, light and very refreshing. 5.6% ABV. 

American Mocha Porter: The American Mocha Porter is a modern take on the traditional Stouts and Porters, popular in Britain since the 1700's. When the American Craft Beer movement started in late 1970's, innovative brewers were looking for new styles to create, so radical re-vamps and amalgamations of the old classics from their brewing forefathers seemed like an obvious place to start.

This beer brings together, in suitably dramatic style, the best of two classic styles the Coffee Porter and Chocolate Stout.
Our American Mocha Porter looks the part, pouring a dark Chocolate with a big white fluffy head. With bags of Coffee and Chocolate essence reinforcing and magnifying the natural rich and roasty character of the malts, this beer flaunts a wonderfully intense aroma of Coffee and Chocolate which explodes from the glass. The flavour is amazingly complex, with the heavenly seductive pairing of Coffee and Chocolate linking perfectly, with the natural Porter character.
A beer that is sure to delight dark beer lovers, Coffee addicts and Chocoholics alike. 5.8% ABV.

American Red India Ale - 30 Pints
One of the most popular and manipulated beer styles in the world of beer is the India Pale Ale. Within this over arching style there are numerous sub categories that have been experimented and developed to meet the ever increasing need to deliver more and more hops to the avid beer drinker in more and more interesting ways... The Red India Ale is one of those sub categories.
As with most Red Ales its brewed strong with an enormous addition of characterful hops. However, there is also a judicious application of caramel malts to create a maltier and darker coloured beer that helps the hops to become characterful in a slightly different way.

Our Red India Ale pours a deep Red with a creamy head, your nose is immediately assaulted with a light pine sap and a tropical fruit punch aroma. On the palate the beer is a pleasing cacophony on textured caramel malts, firm bitterness and juicy hop goodness. The beer finishes smooth and dry with a lasting, cleansing bitterness. 6.3% ABV.

These are ingredients only kits – equipment is not included.

Youngs Premium American Beer Kit Instructions

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