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5ltr Mini Keg
Jim Redmond

Great keg - very convenient

Bardzo dziękuję

Szybka wysyłka, przyzwoite ceny, dobra jakość produktów. Polecam wszystkim chcącym bawić się w produkcję trunków

Brew2Bottle Carbonation Drops

So easy

Quality product

Perfect keyring and I was using it within hours of it's arrival. Love it

What a price. Unbelievable value;

Unbelievable price

Price; is everything

Price is everything. I've bought this many times but never at this price. Even with delivery, if you're spending at least around £40-50 then even with delivery it's cheaper than in a shop and half the price of Amazon. Brew2bottle has my undying loyalty as a customer from this day on.

Fast delivery, Nice wine. Straight forward to make.

A cracking brew. Great home brew kit. Great value for money. Will definitely buy again.

Solomon Grundy Classic 6 Bottle 7 Day Rose Wine Kit - Rose

Tappatrice metal twin lever bottle capper

Works a treat ,first time I've ordered from this company and will definitely order from them again

WinExpert Classic 30 Bottle Wine Kits

Lovely cider for summer entertainment

Had our first sample 2 weeks after bottling. The toffee flavour comes through well, rich and smoky without being cloying followed a fairly mellow apple taste. The first few sips took me by surprise as most cider flavourings tend towards the bland but this slipped down very nicely. Looking forward to warm summer evenings outside with a bottle or two of nice refreshing cider.

A quality product at a good price

Great stuff.

Fermented really well and I've now got a great cider that cleared really quickly.

Great cider!

Turned out really well. Fermented perfectly and I now have lovely fizzy, semi sweet cider. I used Mangrove Jacks Cider enhancer and it cleared really quickly too.

Simple to Use, great to Drink

They are the best kits I have ever used.

Great Addition

Certainly added a smooth matinées to my brew.

Kegs/Mini Kegs
Graham King


Bitter brew

Pretty good but not as strong in taste as youngs. Most of these canned brews are good.

Great product

Easy to use, with great results