St Peters Beer Kits


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With the concept of brewery based beer kits well established these beer kits have been made in conjunction with St Peter’s brewery to develop a beer kit range that accurately matches their popular commercial beers. Every new beer kit launched is shaped and approved by their head brewer.

Ruby Red Ale
St Peters Ruby Red Ale (ABV 4.3%) 40 pint beer kit.

A tawny red ale, with subtle malt undertones and a distinctive spicy hop aroma from Cascade hops. 

Cream Stout
St Peter's Stout (ABV 5.5%) 36 pint beer kit.

Aromatic, strong, dark, chocolaty and creamy stout from St Peters Brewery. 

Golden Ale
St Peters Golden Ale (ABV 4.7%) 36 pint beer kit.

A highly distinctive light golden summer ale. 

India Pale Ale
St Peters IPA (ABV 5.5%) 32 pint beer kit.

A traditional, full-bodied India Pale Ale with a zesty character. 

Honey Porter
St Peters Honey Porter (ABV 4.5%) 40 pint beer kit.

A traditional English Porter, auburn red in colour and finished with honey for a truly unique aroma and taste. Honey aromas on the nose, and flavours of honey, chocolate and with hints of vanilla making this a unique and pleasing ale.

These are ingredients only kits – equipment is not included.