1) Sterilise all equipment.

2) Stand the cans in hot water for 5 minutes to soften the sticky malt extract.

3) Boil a full kettle.

4) Empty 1 sachet of each hop in the sanitised fermentation bucket with 1 litre (2 pints) of boiled water.

5) Place lid loosely over the fermenter and leave for 5 minutes.

6) During the 5 minutes, dry the cans off, open with a sanitised tin opener and then decant into the fermenter.

7) Fill the empty cans with boiled water and stir to dissolve the remaining extract. using a clean tea towel pick up the hot cans and pour into the fermenter. Take care when handling hot liquid.

8) Stir the extract and hops thoroughly with a sanitised long spoon to ensure all the extract is dissolved.

9) Fill the fermenter to 20 litres (36 pints) with fresh cold water.

10) Once the solution is at 20-25C take a starting gravity reading using your hydrometer and record.

11) At this point you will need to stir the wort briskly with your long spoon for 2 minutes. This adds in oxygen to the wort to ensure a healthy and complete fermentation.

12) Sprinkle 2 sachets of yeast over the top of your wort and close the lid making sure your airlock is secure. If you don't have an airlock on your fermenter release a small section of the closed lid to allow carbon dioxide to escape.

13) Leave at a temperature of 18-25C for 4 days.

14) After 4 days take a gravity reading using sanitised equipment, this is to make sure that the fermentation is performing correctly. At the same time add the other 2 sachets of hops, no need to stir as the pellets will disperse themselves.

15) Leave for a further 4 to 6 days until fermentation is complete.

16) Check and record the final gravity using your hydrometer.

17) At this stage the beer needs to be treated very carefully so as not to disturb the settled yeast at the bottom and to avoid introducing any oxygen or airborne bacteria as this could cause spoilage.

18) transfer the beer into sterilised bottles or a pressure barrel and add a teaspoon of light spraymalt per pint to each bottle, or a maximum of 85 grams per 5 gallon pressure barrel. Muntons carbonation drops or sugar may be used instead.

19) Stand bottles or barrel in a warm place for 2 days then allow 14 days in a cool place or until the beer has cleared.

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