1. Clean and sanitise your fermenter, lid and mixing paddle with your preferred home brew cleaner/sanitiser.

2. Remove the yeast sachet and set aside for now.

3. Stand the pouch in hot water for 15 minutes to soften the extract.


4. Open the pouch and pour the malt extract into your sanitised fermenter, rinse out any remains using warm water and add to the fermenter.

5. Add boiling water and Pure Malt Extract or dextrose brewing sugar to your fermenter according to the quantities indicated on your Brewer's Series carton. Stir until completely dissolved.

6. Top up with cold tap water to final volume indicated that this kit makes.

7. Check liquid temperature is below 25oC (77oC) then add the contents of the beer yeast sachet. (and sweetener if you have it) and stir.

8. Fit an airlock and grommet/bung to your fermenter, making sure the seal is airtight. Half fill the airlock 'U' with water to protect the brew during fermentation.


9. Ferment at the ideal fermentation temperature for your beer style, indicated on your Mangrove Jack's carton.

10. Wait for 10 days or until airlock has stopped bubbling and then check the specific gravity (S.G) using a hydrometer. If fermentation is complete, the SG should be equal to or below the value indicated on your carton. if the SG has not reached the required level, leave for a few days longer before checking again Once fermentation is complete, proceed to bottling your beer.

Important warning: The SG must be stable for 48 hours before bottling. Never bottle until fermentation is complete.


11. Clean and sanitise bottles and bottling attachment or syphon before use. Do not use non reusable bottles.

12. Fill your bottles leaving 5cm (2") headspace (measure from the very top of the bottle). Before sealing bottles, add Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops (this replaces priming sugar, 1 drop is equivalent to 0.5 tsp of sugar).

  • Use 1 drop per 350ml (12 US fl oz) Australian stubby bottle.
  • Use 2 drops per 750ml (25 US fl oz) bottle.
  • Use 3 drops per 1.25l (1.3 US qt) bottle.
  • Use 4 drops per 2l )2.1 US qt) bottle.

13. Store your beer in a warm place for at least 2 weeks before moving to a cool, dark place to clear.


Your beer is ready to drink as soon as it is clear, but for a smoother beer leave somewhere cool and dark for an extra 2 weeks. Serve chilled. For clear beer, decant off into a serving jug before pouring.

These are instructions are not owned by Brew2Bottle, and are obtained from the Mangrove Jack's Brewer's Series carton.