The Air Still Companion Pack contains all the equipment you need to use with your Air Still. Follow the instructions below and make the most out of your Air Still.


Air Still Companion Pack includes:

• Attractive 10 L (2.5 US Gal) bench top Fermenter with Tap and Carbon Cartridge lid system to neutralise odours.

• Graduated Collector for collecting from the Air Still.

• Carbon Cartridge Filter System with Carbon Cartridge Holder and Filter Container.

• Ceramic Boil Enhancers and Distilling Conditioner.


You will need to purchase an Air Still Fermentation Kit and Air Still Carbon Cartridges. These are the consumables you will require to produce 8L (2.1 US Gal)
of finished wash ready for distillation in your Air Still.

The Fermentation Kit includes:

• Yeast sachet

• Nutrient sachet

• Turbo Carbon (Wet Mix)

• Turbo Clear (Two Part Finings)

The Carbon Cartridge Kit includes:

• 10 x Air Still Carbon Cartridges


Instructions for making an 8L (2.1 US Gal) wash ready for distilling:

1. Make sure the tap is securely fitted to the bucket. Fill with 5L (1.3 US Gal) of warm water and ensure the unit is water tight. Wash thoroughly. We recommend that you replace the carbon cartridge in the fermenter lid before each new run as his helps to remove any fermentation odours.

2. Add 7.5L (2 US Gal) of water to your fermenter at 30°C (86°F).

3. Add 2.2kg (4.9lbs) of Turbo Sugar and stir well to dissolve. (Alternatively you can use white sugar, or 2.4kg (5.3lbs) dextrose or corn sugar.)

4. Add Yeast and Nutrient sachets.

5. Gently massage the Turbo Carbon sachet and then add to the mix. Stir well.

6. Sit the Fermenter at room temperature (approx. 18-24°C (64-75°F)) for 7 days or until the mix has stopped bubbling.

7. To confirm fermentation is complete test the wash with a hydrometer. The wash has completed fermentation when the SG (specific gravity) reading is below 990.

8. Now clear the wash. First stir vigorously to remove all gas. Once degassed add Finings A. Stir well then stand for 1 hour.

9. Add Finings B whilst slowly stirring. Stop stirring as soon as all of Finings B has been added. Do not stir vigorously as it will disrupt the cleaning process. Stand for 24 hours then carefully remove clear wash for distilling.

10. You should finish up with 8.2L (2.1 US Gal) of cleared wash ready for distilling. After distilling you need to filter through a carbon cartridge filter.


Refer to your Air Still Instructions for Distilling Method or click here for instructions.


1. Rinse the Carbon Cartridge under running water for 20 seconds before use. This removes any excess mineral salts.

2. Fit the Carbon cartridge to the filter holder taking care to ensure the foam washers are fitted between the filter and both ends of the cartridge. Place the filter holder onto the top of the Filter Container.

3. Dilute the distilled spirit to 40% by adding 325ml (11 US fl oz) of clean water to the 800ml (27 Us fl oz) of spirits collected. This is necessary for the filter to operate properly.

4. Fill the filter holder with the distilled spirit and allow to drip into the filter container.

5. The spirit is now ready to be flavoured with the Still Spirits flavourings to make your favourite spirits and liqueurs.

Change the cartridge after each batch. Replace polyethylene washers when they are flattened and no longer recover.

If you chose to produce 1125 ml (40 US fl oz) of spirit from each run through the still then you will have collected 800 ml (27 US fl oz). Add 325 ml (11 US fl oz) of water to this and make up to 1125 ml (40 US fl oz) leaving room for the flavour. If you use another type of filter then follow the instructions supplied with your filter


Spirits - Measure out the amount of alcohol required and add the flavouring to it. Use some of the spirit to rinse out the sachet or bottle. Mix well and serve

Liqueurs - Check the liqueur flavouring bottle and follow the instructions. They will require a base pack which is a mixture of sugar and modified starch that will add sweetness and mouth feel to the liqueur. For the non-cream liqueurs, mix up the cream base with any water required then add the alcohol. Again top up to the target volume with water.