Geordie 17 Day 40 Pint Beer Kit - Bitter


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Geordie bitter is a traditional well-hopped bitter with the rich nutty flavour that real bitter drinkers love. Made from natural ingredients - malt hops and barley - it has a clear deep amber colour and a full head. Its satisfying to drink and just as satisfying to make. All you need is a five gallon plastic (not metal) container, a length of plastic pipe to siphon off the beer and bottles or a pressure barrel.

Geordie Liquid Kits are the simplest way to brew. The wort - the liquor beer is brewed from - has already been prepared from the finest brewing ingredients, then concentrated. You mix it with sugar or better still a quality beer kit enhancer and hot water, then add cold water to make up 40 pints and finally add the special brewing yeast from the sachet on top of the can. The wort then ferments for about a week. When fermentation stops, siphon off the brew into your bottle or pressure barrel, give it 10 days or so to mature and your perfect pint is ready for drinking. YOU CAN TRUST A GEORDIE PINT.

This is an ingredients only kit – equipment is not included.