1. Use the hose supplied in your box and attach one end to a tap using a tap adaptor and the other end to the back of the unit (tighten the hose clamp). Attach the water inlet hose, provided with your still, to the metal barbed end on the front of the unit.

2. Turn tap on. Water will fill to the appropriate level inside the Water Flow regulator and then stop once full. Note: Do not start the pump without filling this correctly first.

3. Once the water regulator is filled, you can turn on the pump to begin pumping water through your turbo 500.

4. Adjust water flow using the control knob on top of the unit, often only needing small adjustments. Refer to Turbo 500 instructions for appropriate water flow rate. Note: This Water Flow Regulator can be used with any still that requires less than 1.8L per min (1.9 US qt per min) of cooling water.