Brew2Bottle 21L Cider Kit Instructions


  • Fermentation vessel/bucket (min. 23L capacity)
  • Fermentationvessel/bucket lid with fitted airlock
  • Large mixing spoon or paddle
  • An immersion thermometer or thermometer strip
  • A siphon kit
  • Equipment sanitiser (or cleaner and steriliser) product(s)
  • Up to 40 x 500ml beer/cider bottles (to withstand pressure for bottle conditioning)
  • Small Funnel (optional)
  • Hydrometer and sample test jar/cylinder


  1. Prepare, clean and sterilise all of your equipment.
  2. Add 3L of boiling water to your fermenter.
  3. Stand the fruit concentrate pouch on a flat surface and carefully cut across the top of the pouch. old the base to stabilise it while you cut. Add the fruit concentrate to your sanitised fermenter, squeeze out the remains, then stir.
  4. Top up the fermenter to 21L withy cold water and stir well
  5. Check the liquid temperature is between 18-24C. if it is warmer, put the fermenter in a sink full of ice cold water to quickly cool. Once liquid temperature is between 10-24C, add the yeast/nutrient and sweetener sachets and stir well.


  1. Place your fermenter on a washable surface and leave to ferment for approx. 7 days at 18-24.
  2. After approx. 7 days check thed specific gravity (SG) reading using a hydrometer. The expected finishing gravity should be 1.002 +/- 0.002 and fermentation is complete when the SG reading is stable for 2 consecutive days. If fermentation is not complete or if in doubt, leave for a few days longer.
  3. Once fermentation is complete and you have the correct SG reading, add the cider 'add back' flavouring sachet and stir well with a sanitised mixing spoon, then refit the lid to the fermenter and leave to stand for 24 hours before bottling (this allows the yeast to resettle, reducing the final amount of sediment in the bottles.


  1. Clean and sanitise your bottles. Only use reusable bottles which are suitable to withstand pressure and reject any chipped, damaged or imperfect bottles.
  2. Transfer your cider into your bottles using your siphon kit, ensuring you leave approx. 5cm head space below the bottle rim.
  3. Once each bottle is filled to the required level, add one heaped teaspoon of sugar per 500ml bottle before sealing the bottles.
  4. Turn each bottle gently upside down and then back the right way up a few times to give the added sugar a gentle mix and allow to dissolve.
  5. Store your cider at 8-24 for 2 weeks before moving to a cooler, preferably dark place to clear.


Your cider is ready to drink as soon as it is clear, but for a smoother cider leave in cool place for at least an extra 2 weeks. Serve chilled and pour very slowly and carefully 'in one go' to avoid sediment being transferred into your glass. if your cider is flat it can mean you left it too long before bottling. If your first bottle is flat then transfer the remaining bottles to a warm place (18-24C) for a further 2 weeks and gently invert and twist bottles every few days to re-suspend the yeast. Ciders are best drunk 6 months within bottling.