Still Spirits' various ranges of over 150 spirit flavourings allow for an unlimited selection of spirit creations.

Simply purchase (or brew) 30%-50% ABV neutral alcohol, vodka or gin right off the shelf, follow the easy mixing instructions on the Still Spirits flavouring packaging for best results and enjoy.

Still Spirits flavourings are inspired by and evoke a range of different styles and tastes that emulate a wide selection of the world's finest spirits.

No matter your favourite drink, Still Spirits has you covered; from Dark Rum, Light Rum, Bourbon, Gin, Absinthe, Liqueurs, Cream Liqueurs, Port, Brandy, Tequila, Vodka, or a Whiskey style flavouring.



The Classic range of spirit flavourings is Still Spirits premium selection of the world's finest spirits.

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Top Shelf:

Top Shelf has been developed as a range of flavourings for your homemade distilled spirit, inspired by by spirits and liqueurs all over the world.

Cream Liqueur Flavours
Liqueur Flavours
Schnapps Flavours
Spirit Flavours

Icon Liqueurs:

Icon Liqueurs is a liqueur style flavouring range, which makes creating liqueurs easier than ever before, as they take just a few moments to mix and they are ready to serve.

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Just Add Vodka:

Just Add Vodka is a vodka style flavouring range, which lets you turn something ordinary into something a little bit special, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Craft Kits & Profile Range:

Still Spirits Flavouring Craft Kits contain a selection of 15 Profile Range flavourings and adjuncts to build Gin and Whiskey style flavoured beverages your way. The Profile Range flavourings can be bought individually, or simply purchase the Gin or Whiskey Flavouring Craft Kits! These kits provide recipe booklets and all the tools needed to formulate your own favourite evoked tastes, or experiment to create a genuinely unique taste sensation, all by mixing with neutral alcohol purchased separately.

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Profile Range Flavourings


1. Buttermint Delight

Prep time: 2-3 minutes
Serving: 1

Ingredients and equipment:

• 1 x glass
• Ice
• 2 x pre-mixed shots of Icon Liqueurs Butterscotch Schnapps and neutral alcohol
• 2 x scoops of mint chocolate ice cream
• Blender


Combine the pre-mixed Icon Liqueurs Butterscotch Schnapps shots and mint chocolate-chip ice-cream in a blender. Blend until smooth. Take your pre chilled glass and fill with ice. Pour in your blender contents. Stir. Serve and enjoy!

Icon Liqueurs Butterscotch Schnapps mixing instructions for shots:

There is no standardised size for a shot, but for the purposes of these mixing instructions 44 ml (1.5 US fl oz) will be used. For each shot, take a 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) liquid syringe, take 27.3 ml (0.92 US fl oz) of your neutral alcohol and mix with 2.2 ml (0.08 US fl oz) water and 14.5 ml (0.5 US fl oz) of your Icon Liqueurs Butterscotch Schnapps flavouring, stir and it's ready to be served or mixed into a cocktail recipe.

2. Mojito

Prep time: 2-3 minutes
Serving: 1

Ingredients and equipment:

• 1 x Glass
• Ice
• 1 x pre-mixed shot of Top Shelf White Rum and neutral alcohol
• 30 ml (1 US fl oz) of Lime Juice
• 90 ml (3 US fl oz) of Sparkling Water
• 2 x Teaspoons of Caster Sugar
• 2 x Mint Sprigs


Take your pre-chilled glass and add 2 teaspoons of sugar, lime juice, 2 mint sprigs and sparkling water. Muddle gently, then add the pre-mixed Top Shelf White Rum followed by the ice. Serve and enjoy!

Top Shelf Mixing Instructions:

Shake the 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) Top Shelf bottle well before use. Follow the individual instructions on the back of the bottle when mixing with neutral alcohol. Rinse out any remaining flavouring from the 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) bottle with some of the alcohol if using the last of the flavouring. Shake the finished product bottle well. Leave for 24-48 hours. Enjoy, store for later, or give away as a great gift idea!