Mashing and Sparging bag for 33l Mashing Boiler


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Mashing and sparging bag. A large drawstring bag made of terylene with fine mesh sides and an open mesh base. Designed for holding grain whilst boiling and sparging to extract the wort. 300mm (12") square by 350mm (14") deep. More MASHING & SPARGING BAG This bag is designed specifically for the Bruheat Brewers boiler, to ensure more efficient mashing, to allow sparging in situ, and to allow easy draining of the wort after both the mashing and the hop boil. Instructions for Use Place the bag inside the boiler and fold the reinforced rim of the bag over the top of the bucket. Tighten and tie the cord so that it is underneath the bucket rim. The actual height of the bag inside the bucket can be adjusted by pulling the top of the bag to a suitable position over the bucket rim before final tightening and tying of the cord. Adjustment should be such that when the bag contains the required amount of grain immersed in the volume of water to be used for mashing, there is at least W to 1" space below the bottom of the bag and the top of the element. This will ensure adequate heat circulation when the element is switched on and so ensure the most efficient mashing process. The open mesh bottom to the bag allows adequate drainage to take place through the bucket tap after mashing and for subsequent sparging without removal of the bag and grains. Similarly after the hop boil., the hopped wort can be drained out quickly, with hops covering the mash to act as filter. Sterilisation The bag, being made of terylene, can be sterilised most easily by boiling in water. However, sterilisers such as Winemaster Steriliser can safely be used, the bag being soaked in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes before being thoroughly rinsed in clean water. Chlorine sterilisers such as PPH steriliser/ descaler, or VWP steriliser should not be used under any circumstances as the chlorine content may weaken the terylene fibres and cause premature failure of the bag when loaded with grain. Don'ts 1. Always ensure the bag is immersed in the brewing water before adding the grains. This will avoid unnecessary strain being placed on the bag. 2. Ensure the boiler has been switched off or the electric plug removed from the mains, before draining liquor out of the bucket after mashing or hop boiling. Failure to do so is sure to result in the coarse mesh part of the bag being burnt by the element.