King Keg Home Brew Pressure Barrel Bottom Tap with Pin Valve Pack


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This white food grade 25l plastic pressure barrel is an established way of serving homebrewed beer or cider from the tap. Supplied with a 100mm (4 inch) diameter cap and valve designed for use with the Sparklets C02 bulbs. The barrel features two carrying handles and a tap.

When the beer or cider from the barrel is used it creates low pressure inside which removes the gas from your brewr. After a while, the beer or cider starts to go flat and air can get sucked back in through the tap leading to spoilage. To prevent this you need to add pressurised gas to the barrel via a small cylinder. This adds top pressure to your brew allowing it to flow freely and preventing oxygenation. You screw it on the barrel and give a quick burst of gas. Then take it off.