Gozdawa Expert Beer Kit Instructions


  1. Clean & sanitise all brewing equipment prior to beginning brewing process. We advise using a good quality no rinse sanitiser.

  2. Hydrate the yeast prior to use. Place contents of yeast sachet into a straining bag and submerge in boiled water at 30c for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  3. In order to loosen up the malt extract place both tins in hot water & stand unopened for a minimum of 10 minutes.

  4. Pour both cans of malt into your fermentation vessel & rinse with warm water, once both cans have been completely emptied top fermenter up with cold water to recommended mark as advised on the packaging, (18-23L). Wort temperature should be between 20-24c.

  5. Sprinkle hydrated yeast into the vessel & stir vigorously for two minutes.

  6. Close Fermenter.


  1. Fermentation time varies per beer type:

    - Wheat beer 3-5 days
    - Belgian beer 4-7 days
    - Top fermentation 4-8 days
    - Bottomed fermentation 9-14 days.

  2. Optimum fermentation temperature for Wheat beers is 25-28c. The following beers require a minimum of 3 weeks maturing:

    - Goldene Weizen
    - Dunkelweizen
    - Weizenbock.

  3. Optimum fermentation temperature for Ale beers is 18-22c. The following beers require a minimum of 4 weeks maturing:

    - Radler
    - American West Coast
    - American Gold Ale
    - Irish Red Ale
    - American Brown Ale
    - English Stout
    - Barley Wine
    - Imperial Stout
    - Sweet Brown Ale
    - Milky Stout
    - Belgian IPA
    - Canadian IPA
    - Australian IPA
    - Imperial IPA
    - English IPA
    - Dark IPA
    - American Black IPA.

  4. Optimum fermentation temperature for Belgian beers is 22-24c. The following beers require a minimum of 5 weeks maturing:

    - Abbey Blonde Ale
    - Abbey Dubbels
    - Flanders Red
    - Flanders Oud Bruin
    - Abbey Brune.

  5. Optimum fermentation temperature for bottom style beers is 22-24c when added to the fermenter, reduce to 14-18c after 48 hours. The following beers require a minimum of 5 weeks maturing:

    - Bohemia Pilsner
    - Premium Lager
    - Maibock
    - Doppelbock
    - Baltic Porter.


  1. Once fermentation has completed siphon beer into sterilised bottles, adding 0.4g of Brewing Sugar or two carbonation drops per 500ml bottle.

  2. Leave bottles to stand at room temperature for 5-9 days allowing beverage to carbonate.

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