Te Tonic Gin Lover Party Box
Te Tonic Gin Lover Party Box - Brew2Bottle Home Brew
Te Tonic Gin Lover Party Box - Brew2Bottle Home Brew

Te Tonic Gin Lover Party Box


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For Gin & Tonic and mixology lovers this premium box with 24 assorted infusions, 9 flavours includes 8 Botanicals for Gin & Tonic packed in polystyrene boxes: Juniper, Cardamom, Cassia cinnamom, Hibiscus Flower, Orange blossom flower, Star anise, Jamaica Pepper and Rose Pepper.
Includes instructions “Perfect Serve” and recipes booklet. There is a QR code with 24 recipes; Gin & Tonics, Aperitives and Cocktails.
Size: 30 x 30 x 4 cm.

Te Tonic will help you discover how to prepare the perfect Gin & Tonic.
To infuse the gin in order to obtain subtle notes between different aromas and flavours. Thus, Te Tonic, a blend of botanicals, herbs and spices, in a special pyramid-shaped silk pouch, allowing you to add just the right degree of flavour to your Gin and Tonic.

Infusions: The idea we propose is to infuse the gin to obtain aromas and special flavors in your Gintonic. Discover the different aromas created by Te-Tonic to accompany your gin and enjoy an incomparable flavor.

Get a deep aroma and flavor of the spices, thanks to our botanicals, single dose packages to elaborate a perfect gintonic quickly and accurately. A perfect and practical choice that you can not miss.

The spices we use are specially designed to infuse or marinade. Wild thyme, basil, peppermint and pink pepper, in careful proportions help you to enjoy all the Mediterranean flavor.