BelVino 30 Bottle Dried Fruit Hedgerow Wine Making Kit - Piesporter


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Belvino Home Brew Piesporter White Wine Ingredients Refill Kit
This German style Piesporter white wine kit has all the special fruity flavours of Liebfraumilch/Piesporter wines. Made from apple, raisins, figs, hawthorn berries, rowan berries, and lemon shell. Net weight is 290g and it makes 23 litres.

Making wine from dried fruit with BelVino winemaking kits is the perfect shortcut for those wanting to make a high quality hedgerow wine, but without all the hassle. BelVino wine kits make 23 litres of great wine.

Makes 30 Bottles Of Fruit Wine In Seven Days Using Dried Fruits and Herbs. Requires 4kgs Of Sugar. The Belvino Kits Contain: Dried Fruit And Berries, Wine Yeast, Nutrient, Fining and Stabiliser. They contain no grape juice.

These are ingrdients only kits - Equipment not included