Alcotec 700ml Top Up Liqueur Flavourings


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Alcotec Essences makes making your own liqueurs at home very easy. These full size ‘Top-Up’ bottles come complete with a premixed blend of liqueur essences and sugars, ready for you to just top up with alcohol. Comes in a 700ml spirit bottle that's pre-labelled and ready to go into your Drinks Cabinet allowing you to top the bottle up with alcohol of your preferred strength.

Flavouring Only. Does not include alcohol.

Cocunut Rum
A coconut flavoured Caribbean white rum, a silky smooth texture, subtle and light on coconut flavour with a mild sweetness.
Irish Cream
Based in Irish Whisky and cream, it's perfect for drinking by itself but equally well used in cocktails or added to coffee.
A popular southern fruit, spice and whisky flavoured liqueur served it as it is, or use it for cocktails such as Alabama Slammer, Red Death or Red Devil.
Triple Sec
A popular dry variety of the Caribbean Curacao, made from bitter orange peels and very popular in drinks.